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A photographic exhibition depicting cultural diversity of Pakistan has been launched at the European Parliament in Brussels. Organized by the Embassy of Pakistan, the exhibition was inaugurated by MEP Baroness Nosheena Mobarik, Chairperson of South- Asia Delegation of the European Parliament. The exhibition showcases the work of award winning photographer Syed Javaid A Kazi, with a focus on the religious heritage of Pakistan.

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9 May,2016: SLAMABAD: Foreign Office organised a three-days exhibition reflecting Pakistan's ancient culture and civilisation which attracted a large number of history lovers along with diplomats. Constellation plus Heritage Coffee Table Books series (The Buddhist Heritage of Pakistan, The Hindu Heritage of Pakistan, The Sikh Heritage of Pakistan) was the part of exhibition.

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Constellation Plus Launched new Book “The Buddhist Heritage Of Pakistan”.
The Hindu Heritage of Pakistan is the third in the series of a trilogy of coffee table books produced to document the customs, tradition and architecture of the minorities living in Pakistan. The earlier ones have been The Churches of Pakistan and The Sikh Heritage of Pakistan. The text for this book has been provided by the eminent scholar and educationist Dr Safdar Ali Shah and the credit for the photographs goes to Syed Javed Qazi, the winner of the President’s medal for pride of performance.

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By:Maryam Usman, The Express Tribune

In an attempt to encapsulate the essence of Sikh culture and heritage in the country, a multimedia presentation of rare photographs was screened at Kuch Khaas on Thursday. The photographs offered snippets from a coffee-table book, “The Sikh Heritage of Pakistan,” and showcased the community and its lifestyle in vibrant colour. From scenes of everyday life to cultural aspects and religious rituals, there is a lot of detailing and a story behind each image. Gurdwaras and shrines next to lakes and springs, turbaned men offering respects, women and children swathed in the characteristic saffron and blue and the intricate architecture all have something to say.

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Constellation Plus has published a series of coffee table books on the cultural diversity and heritage of Pakistan. These include:

    a.     The Buddhist Heritage of Pakistan

    b.     Churches of Pakistan

    c.     The Sikh Heritage of Pakistan

    d.     The Hindu Heritage of Pakistan

These books encompass historical perspective of respective communities, their contribution at the national level and elaborate coverage of their places of worship and sacred sites.  The text has been written by Dr Safdar Ali Shah, a well-known researcher and scholar; and the photography have been done by  Syed Javaid A Kazi, President Pakistan Photographic Society and recipient of Presidential Pride of Performance. The quality of these publications can be judged from the book reviews and the fact that the Churches of Pakistan has been translated into Italian and launched from Rome, while Punjabi edition of the Sikh Heritage of Pakistan is under process. These books are essentially designed to showcase the cultural heritage , life and contribution of the dynamic minorities of Pakistan.

Constellation Plus Launched new Book “The Hindu Heritage Of Pakistan”.

Constellation Plus Launched new Book “The Sikh Heritage Of Pakistan”.

By:Asif Noorani, The Dawn News
THE youngest of major religions of the world, Sikhism is only 500 years old. Its founder, Guru Nanak, was held in reverence by both Muslims and Hindus, which was why when he died the Muslims wanted to bury him, while the Hindus wanted to cremate his body.

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REVIEW: The Sikh Heritage of Pakistan by Dr Safdar Ali Shah and Syed Javaid A. Kazi
Book on Sikh heritage
Foreign Minister Hina Rabbani Khar visited Rome (31 January- 01 February, 2013) at the invitation of the Italian Foreign Minister Giulio Terzi di Sant’ Agata. Foreign Minister Khar and Mr.Giulio Terzi spoke on the occassion of launching of the book "Churches Of Pakistan" translated in Italian Language (LE CHIESE DEL PAKISTAN), at the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The book, a pictorial collection of churches in Pakistan, has been translated into the Italian language by Maria Rosaria Crupi.
Advisor to Prime Minister on Minority Affairs Dr Paul Bhatti was chief guest on the occasion, was of the view that minorities in Pakistan, especially Christian community, had played a vital role towards the development in every field like medicine, education and social welfare. ‘Churches of Pakistan’ published by the Constellation Plus showcases the architectural beauty of the churches which are heritage of Pakistan.
Minister of Multiculturalism Canada was presented coffee book Churches of Pakistan produced by Mansoor Rashid by Constellation plus team.The Minister showed keen intrest in the publication.
Constellation Plus team visited Gurdwara Guru Nanak Darbar in LaSalle, Quebec Canda and met the President, Secretary General and other managing committee members. The team presented them the recent publication of Constellation Plus titled "Churches of Pakistan". They appreciated the effort to record the heritage.they were informed them about our next project, Coffee book The Sikh Heritage of Pakistan. The hosts appreciated the efforts and requested to keep them informed about the future progress of the project.
FIAP PHOTO MEETING 2011 was held in the picturesque islands of Bali and Lombok in Indonesia from the 10th to the 17th of July, 2011. 106 delegates from 19 member countries of FIAP attended the meeting. FIAP (Federation Internacionale de la Art Photographique) was represented by Mr Jacky Martin, Vice President of FIAP. FIAP LIaison officers from Germany, Indonesia, Japan New Zealand, Pakistan and Romania were there to represent their respective countries. Mr.Syed Javiad A.Kazi representing pakistan presented the coffee book to Minister of culture Indonesia.
Prime Minister Syed Yusuf Raza Gilani has felicitated the Christian community around the world, especially those living in Pakistan, on the behalf of the government and people of Pakistan on the occasion of Easter. The Prime Minister expressed these views while meeting a three-member delegation which presented a book titled "Churches of Pakistan" to him. Federal Minister for Information Dr. Firdous Ashiq Awan was also present on the occasion.
Constellation Plus team comprising of Mr. Rana Zaheer Khan and Ms. Rubeena Tabassum Masood met with the Directeur de cabinet of Ville de Montreal Mr. Agop Evereklian. Mr. Evereklian appreciated the efforts of Constellation Plus in publishing "Churches of Pakistan" and labelled it as a "mission of peace and harmony". He extended his heartiest congratulations. He showed keen interest on behalf of himself and the Mayor of Montreal Mr. Gérald Tremblay, whom he is going to forward the book for further comments and suggestions. He also inquired about the upcoming projects of Constellation Plus and was delighted to hear about Gurdwaras of Pakistan.. Mr. Everklian further stated how a publication of such nature is an "act of courage" amidst the unrest in Pakistan. At the end of the meeting she presented the team with souveniers.
Text by: Sara Faruqi, Dawn.com

The Coffee book “Churches of Pakistan”, was launched at the residence of British Deputy High Commission in Karachi.The book is a compilation of photographs and text depicting the many churches standing in Pakistan today.The book also showcase the life and contribution of the Christians Community towards their conutry.

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